Reduce up to 95% of spots in a single session

Cosmelan® is the world's leading and most effective treatment for pigmentation caused by melanin.

Why It Works

  • Inhibits Melanin Production

    Inhibits Melanin Production

    The peel inhibits the formation of Tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. Melanin is a substance in your body that produces skin pigmentation.

  • Peels Off Old Skin Layer To Reveal Clear Skin

    Peels Off Old Skin Layer To Reveal Clear Skin

    Within a week after the treatment, your skin will peel off the old top layer of your skin and slowly reveal luminous, revived, fresh and smooth skin.

  • Maintains & Controls Melanin Production

    Maintains & Controls Melanin Production

    The treatment pack includes a home care regime to assist in the skin’s healing phase and prevent pigmentation from returning.

What to expect during & after the treatment

During your in-clinic treatment, the Cosmelan® mask will be applied and kept on your face for 8 hours. The treatment itself will only take around 30 minutes.

You can wash the mask off at home. The following day, you may opt for Yellow LED Light Therapy to accelerate the healing process and reduce redness.

Expect 2 to 7 days of light to heavy peeling, redness, sensitivity and mild swelling. After the top layer of your skin has completely shed off, your face will look rejuvenated with a much clearer and smoother complexion.

Home Care & Maintenance

The Cosmelan® home pack was formulated to remove and reduce spots of melanic origin. It continuously attenuates the spots and regulates the overproduction of melanin, preventing their reappearance in the long term.

The Products

Cosmelan 2
A facial cream for removing and/or reducing spots of melanic origin.

Melan Recovery
A balm with calming and healing effect.

Melan 130 Pigment Control
SPF protection against UVB, UVA, HEV, and IR.

What's Cosmelan all about?

Before & After

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Why People Trust Cosmelan


How long will the results of Cosmelan last?

As long as skin care maintenance is continued, the results from a Cosmelan Peel can last for years or be permanent.

How long will it take to recover from Cosmelan?

Expect 10-12 days of downtime. Your skin will be red, swollen and warm for the first 3 days post treatment and then peeling will start. Peeling and dryness can be expected for up to 7-10 days.

When will I see results from Cosmelan?

As early as 2 weeks post treatment. It depends on skin condition and concerns.

Can my pigmentation return after Cosmelan?

As successful as our results are with Cosmelan, Melasma is a form of hormonal pigmentation which unfortunately is out of our control. We would never guarantee that your melasma will be gone forever. We tackle the pigmentation from all angles by ensuring the corrective skincare is always being used, clinical maintenance treatments are followed.

How many Cosmelan sessions do I need?

The Cosmelan treatment is performed as a once off treatment. Maintenance treatments may be recommended in your initial skin consultation.

Is Cosmelan painful?

The treatment is virtually pain free. You will only feel mild to moderate discomfort post treatment with peeling and dryness in certain areas.

How do you wash off Cosmelan?

You can gently remove the Cosmelan mask with cold water using Hydra milk or Gel cleanser and pat dry entire skin with a clean face towel.